Screen Talk

Screen Talk is a mini-series about the broadcasting of information and the abstraction of scientific discourse, with a distinct satirical vaudeville tone. In this ultra-connected world, the lack of clear boundaries between the real world and its virtual counterpart reinforces individualistic and opportunistic approaches. The series was produced in 2014 by Franco-Algerian artist Neïl Beloufa, based on a screenplay co-written with cartoonist Léo Maret and a script co-written with American artist Jory Rabinovitz, and was shot with non-professional actors from the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada. Originally conceived as pure fiction, without imagining an analogy with a possible reality, the series resonates deeply as we witness the current global health situation.

Screen Talk is accessible via an interactive and dynamic website, the design of which has been conceived as a work of art itself. Website visitors can play games that follow a non-linear narrative, letting them unlock new episodes of Screen Talk. Alternatively, they can download origami artwork to print out and make at home.
By mobilizing the brief but concentrated history of artist websites, Neïl Beloufa commits hereto a much larger project of which is the cornerstone. The artistic intention of the project is to consider the internet as even more than a space for dissemination, exchange or transposition: the internet can be thought of as the birthplace of artworks, akin to physical exhibition spaces, with all of its digital strengths and constraints. A bold proposal that favors a new way of understanding art, through creations that have been artistically, technically and economically conceived for the web.


Neil Beloufa

Production Manager

Florian Fournier

Website Programmer

Hugo Bouyssou

Game Concept

Jory Rabinovitz


Ludovic Boulard le Fur, Hippolyt Hentgen

Folding Edition

Léa Longis

Graphic Design

Florian Fournier, Dan Perez


Grégoire Beil

Press Relations

Estelle Carriou


Emilie Catalano, Léa Longis, Louis Beaudemont, Marilou Thiébault